About us

Normal Opening hours:

                          10am to 4:30pm    Monday - Friday 

                          10am to 4pm        Saturday 

                          Closed                  Sunday 


We are currently working towards having our website up and running properly, to have online orders and information to help you decide what plants are best for you. Keep an eye out here, for now this is some information about what we do.

We have a colourful selection of alpines just in as well as other shrubs and perennials. Our summer bedding and vegetable transplants are now available. 

We also have a good range of decorative pots in stock many at half price. 

Other products we stock include: 

  • Garden tools 
  • Weed control fabrics 
  • Hanging baskets (to plant yourself) 
  • Troughs
  • Compost - multipurpose and other specialist composts
  • Bark
  • Lym
  • Lawn seed
  • Lawn feeds / weed killers 
  • Slug pellets 
  • Plant food - flowering / veg
  • Pest and disease control 
  • Sulphate of iron 
  • Grow more fertiliser 
  • Mobacter - specialist moss killer 
  • Wild bird seed
  • Bird feeders
  • Bird tables
  • Seeds
  • Seed trays 
  • Unheated propagators 
  • Gloves 
  • Watering cans 
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and continued custom.
Stay safe and happy gardening! 


Facebook: @SamorePlantCentre 

Phone Number: 02821758627